Screenshot of the project. Complete results page of the user's choices. At the top, the title

Screenshot of the landing page. On a pastel background gradient from blue to orange, the explanatory text on the left faces an illustration of a heat pump, set in a dark blue circle. Bright orange and blue bubbles surround the boundaries of the circle.

Screenshot of the first choice. Set against a pastel background of blue-orange gradations, each screen shows the question to be answered on the left, and the plot of the reader's choice on the right. In this way, the user answers the questions of city, building type and year of construction.

For the Canadian Climate Institute, my team at VoilĂ : Information Design crafted an interactive web tool to boost heat pump adoption. This micro-site needed to present heating and cooling costs for different configurations across five Canadian cities, four building types, and three build years.

To keep readers engaged, we designed a quiz-like experience with playful elements. Instead of presenting the numbers all at once, the site presents choices one at a time. First, the reader chooses a city, a building type, then an approximate build year.

Collaborating closely with Joey Cherdarchuk, I worked on the concept, information design and dataviz, and the development of the micro-site in SvelteKit. Marie-Blanche Rossi was behind the visual design and illustrations, and Francis Gagnon provided design feedback.

Read more about the details of this project here, and check out the project here.

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